Jason W’s Testimonial

I feel more connected to my true nature than ever before, and I’m grateful to have brought my feeling of deep connectedness back to life in Winnipeg. I can’t express my gratitude for this. I feel like I’m seeing so many people for the first time.

Connie’s Testimonial

Thanks for holding me up while the dam broke during our first encounter! I might’ve looked as if I were drowning but with your support and holding a container for me to express what apparently needed to be felt, I not only have the courage to let that dam break but I am learning toRead More

Theoretical Basis

Our fundamental state is wholeness.  Dis-ease is a separation from this wholeness, which can manifest itself in one or more of the interpenetrating aspects of our being (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical).   Separation occurs on the spiritual level when one conceives of oneself as a “self” separate from the Universe.  This basic separation, the sourceRead More

Anonymous Testiomonial

Thank you for providing a safe sanctuary for people to meet themselves and to meet God face to face.  This was the piece I had been looking for – the intensity – the safety – the sacred – the commitment – the encouragement and support to go where I needed to go – go asRead More

Anonymous Testimonial

Somehow, gathering like this makes me feel more accountable for awareness and honesty with myself.  The energy and commitment of those present reminded that each of has something important to attend to, and while we can really only do that work for our own selves, everyone wants what is best for each individual.

Marie M’s Testimonial

I made a personal choice to disengage from group involvement preferring instead to process the belief that it was time to “still the mind and let the muddy waters settle” – a belief that is still, slowly gaining momentum.  Dwelling in an atmosphere of safety, security and peace is a catalyst for this ever-unfolding awarenessRead More


Inquiry is a dynamic, open-ended exploration into the immediacy of our experience, in order to more deeply explore and understand the mystery of who and what we truly are.  The practice of inquiry is based on a simple but profound principle: that Being freely reveals itself to anyone who loves to know the truth ofRead More

MB’s Testimonial

Ego and Super Ego run the show   Once my work is done and I have given all I can give to what I really really want then there is a natural transition to acceptance that I have done my very very best and the universe will reveal if what I think I want willRead More

United I/We Stand

In the middle of the night many years ago, I was awakened by a phone call from a friend, asking if I knew where our spouses were. They were supposed to have returned home from a get-together a couple of hours earlier.  I didn’t get very concerned about it, and so I went back toRead More

The Peace That Passeth Understanding

Life is full of strange and wonderful paradoxes.  Perhaps the strangest – and most wonderful – is the fact that the peace we all long for lies in the very center of the place we most desperately avoid looking into/ being with/ fully experiencing.   Peace is our Natural State.  We become separated from ourRead More