Connie’s Testimonial

Thanks for holding me up while the dam broke during our first encounter! I might’ve looked as if I were drowning but with your support and holding a container for me to express what apparently needed to be felt, I not only have the courage to let that dam break but I am learning to swim and play in the river without the need to rebuild the dam!

I delved into my deepest fears and experienced the deep and abiding resistance toward life I have carried for years not even realizing it. I have been stuck in this holding pattern of suffering and no one has ever referred to it as trauma. Thank you for seeing this and pointing it out to me. Sometimes just the awareness itself begins the healing process.

After our session on Monday, I stayed with the “trouble” and gently inquired, embraced, allowed and accepted all of it and let it teach me.  I feel I have grown so much in one week’s time. I have experienced so many insights and understand myself in a way I could not previously comprehend and had been wrestling with for most of my life. I was always hitting an impasse that blocked me from going deeper. In our session and the inner work I followed through with this week, the deadlock was exposed and the secrets revealed. I am in awe.

I took a hacksaw and cut off the legs of the bed so the monsters and terror are now put to rest. I am learning some of the greatest lessons of my life through this experience and I know I have the resilience and fortitude to fully integrate what I am experiencing to live in freedom and flow with life.

I am feeling so alive and refreshed and easily experience the fullness of every moment as I choose to be present! Truly the phrase  “born again” comes to mind! I have so much gratitude, feel connected and so loved, like I am being held in the Grace of Being, beyond  what words can describe. I do trust God and life and know the Universe is friendly from my experience this week. I am choosing to live and love with an open heart. Inquiry has become a way of being for me this week as I am so engaged and in a state of wonderment – so curious and in love and even more dedicated to Truth.

Thanks for helping me find my way back to my Self and sharing your Presence with me. Thank you for holding the space and witnessing my “baptism”! At times this week the thoughts came to me that I may have not done the inquiry correctly or was hijacked by a deep trauma and went off the rails, wondering and worried about your view of it all, etc. But I trust that this was an opportunity orchestrated by Spirit for my soul. Although I am doing the best I can here, words cannot express the depth of healing I am experiencing.

As for the doubt, I released (those were some of the more difficult moments but I did it!) all doubts by tuning into and reestablishing my trust in myself, life, All That Is. I actually used the doubt to inquire and found my trust! This really works- what a process and it’s so easy – when it’s not difficult! Haha! Life is so good!

With gratitude and appreciation for your gentle and kind spirit and of course, your healing work of the heart