Month: June 2018

Marie M’s Testimonial

I made a personal choice to disengage from group involvement preferring instead to process the belief that it was time to “still the mind and let the muddy waters settle” – a belief that is still, slowly gaining momentum.  Dwelling in an atmosphere of safety, security and peace is a catalyst for this ever-unfolding awarenessRead More


Inquiry is a dynamic, open-ended exploration into the immediacy of our experience, in order to more deeply explore and understand the mystery of who and what we truly are.  The practice of inquiry is based on a simple but profound principle: that Being freely reveals itself to anyone who loves to know the truth ofRead More

MB’s Testimonial

Ego and Super Ego run the show   Once my work is done and I have given all I can give to what I really really want then there is a natural transition to acceptance that I have done my very very best and the universe will reveal if what I think I want willRead More