Month: May 2018

United I/We Stand

In the middle of the night many years ago, I was awakened by a phone call from a friend, asking if I knew where our spouses were. They were supposed to have returned home from a get-together a couple of hours earlier.  I didn’t get very concerned about it, and so I went back toRead More

The Peace That Passeth Understanding

Life is full of strange and wonderful paradoxes.  Perhaps the strangest – and most wonderful – is the fact that the peace we all long for lies in the very center of the place we most desperately avoid looking into/ being with/ fully experiencing.   Peace is our Natural State.  We become separated from ourRead More

Heartwork Is…

Heartwork is a synthesis of Eastern meditative approaches to healing and Western psychotherapeutic techniques, using awareness as the primary vehicle to see into the source of one’s problems.          The basic assumption of Heartwork is that our fundamental state is wholeness.  Dis-ease is a separation from this wholeness.          “Problems” are symptoms ofRead More