The Healing Power of Love

Really!  Just think about it for a minute.  When you love someone or something you pay attention to it.  The more you love someone or something, the closer the attention you pay to it.  When you’re all the way “In Love,” you’re giving all your attention to your beloved.  If you’ve ever experienced a moment of ecstasy – in watching a magnificent sunset, listening to music, dancing, making love, etc. – you have known True, Unconditional Love.  You were all there, fully in the moment, let go of all distractions.  You were at one with your experience.  You were whole and complete.  You were in Love.


We all hunger deeply to Know/re-member this state of bliss, freedom, and peace.  But we all have become separated from this, our True Nature, and are searching to find our way back Home.


When we separate from our True Nature, we lose our natural state of ease and we become dis-eased.  The dis-ease starts on a spiritual level (the first separation being the development of an ego-“I” – the belief that we are a self separate from others/the world), and filters down through the deep mental (the level on which belief systems form), emotional (through the suppression of feelings), and energy bodies, and finally crystallizes in the physical body.  This is when most of us finally start paying attention.


The question at this point is not if, but rather how one is going to pay attention to the dis-ease.  The body/mind is shouting/screaming at us to pay attention to it.  Do we suppress the screams – medicate them into (temporary) oblivion?  Or do we really pay attention to the signals our body/mind is sending to us?  Do we really take the time to listen closely to/look into what our body/mind is trying desperately to tell us?


If we choose the latter course, healing can occur.  The word “heal” comes from the root word that means “to make whole.”  By moving awareness into what we have split off from in ourselves, we heal/make whole the dis-ease – ultimately, on all levels of our being.  This movement into, this re-joining with what we split off from, is love.  It is both the process/act of love, and it is love itself.


We exist somewhere on a continuum between love (ease/health) and fear (dis-ease).  Love is stronger than fear; it is the strongest force in the fabric of the Universe.  By loving/paying close attention to our fear/dis-ease, the fear/dis-ease is transformed into love/ease.  And that is the healing power of love.


The process is simply (but not easily) one of being more and more and more closely attentive to what is going on in deeper and deeper layers of oneself.  It takes time, perseverance, and courage.  And the rewards are Self-Love and Self-Knowledge, the Healing we all truly long for.