Dale Goldstein Believes Relationships are an Opportunity for Personal and Spiritual Growth

Dale Goldstein has been a practitioner of meditation and inquiry for more than 50 years and believes deeply that one thing everyone finds challenging while developing their spiritual understanding is how to be in a healthy personal relationship.

According to Dale, for most people, sharing a strong, loving connection with another person is a major part of our journey towards spiritual wholeness. However, he knows from his own experiences that this can be one of the most difficult challenges any of us can face in our lives.

Rather than run away from this challenge, he urges you to accept it and work toward building happier personal relationships with others – and yourself.

These are the primary barriers that Dale believes get in the way of having truly loving relationships and what it takes to have one:

Who are you, really?

One of the biggest obstacles we face in building relationships is our ego – that conglomeration of self-images/identities that we take ourselves to be. Dale teaches the important of being aware not only of your self-images but also the projections (who you’re making the other person into) you bring into the  relationship.

Intimacy and Vulnerability

Dale says that for us to achieve real intimacy, we must first allow ourselves to be vulnerable. This goes against human nature as we tend to strive to preserve our invulnerability, but Dale Goldstein cautions that you have to be willing to be hurt in order to be fully open to love.

Impeccable Honesty

This seems simple enough but one of the keys to a successful relationship outlined by Dale Goldstein is the need to be impeccably honest. Don’t withhold any truth from your partner that could cause distance between the two of you.

Who Can I Trust?

Everyone in your life will likely cause you some sort of pain at one time or another, but that doesn’t mean you can’t trust them. Being prepared for the potential of someone you love hurting you is important, but so is being able a trustworthy partner yourself.  The key is being willing to look inside oneself to see where the hurtful action came from and what it is that’s getting hurt.

Who’s Getting Hurt?

Dale points out that most of the pain that comes from relationships ending doesn’t come from the other person; it comes from our internal need to be loved, accepted, admired, and respected not being met.  One needs to be willing to see that part of oneself that needs to be loved and to be able to unconditionally love that part of oneself yourself.  Then the love received by one’s partner becomes the icing on the cake, not the cake itself.

Creating Relationship

Dale’s final point when it comes to creating a relationship is that you can only be as intimate with someone else as you are with yourself. On a spiritual level, Dale says this is the equivalent to seeing the other person as not separate from oneself.


For an in-depth look at Dale’s perspective on relationships, go to his webpage https://awakentheheart.org/relationships-2/.